Sunday, December 18, 2011

WOW, its been over a year

I need to get back into this...I have so many pictures and things to say. How am I going to make up for a years worth. I really need to get my pictures all organized by date and have a real life album with notes on the back or something. Especially if I can't keep up with this. There are so many funny things said when kids are little that you want to remember. I can't even remember after a week goes by.
This last week, before I forget, I have had some funny conversations with Diesel and Detroit. Oh and Phoenix, he is 1 1/2 today, he is walking, well running and he loves the new dog we got a couple months ago, Abby. Phoenix says "no biting" to her, a lot. That's actually all he says, he says the usual mommy, daddy, ball... and bye bye to babysitters, and attempts to say their name after bye bye but its pretty slurred! He loves when they leave and he hates when Curtis or I leave the room he's in...I don't remember how long that lasts, its cute, but also kind of annoying :/He absolutely loves to be tickled and snuggle and grab the dogs tail and lay on her. He's so funny, he makes the boys laugh, they both say that they want to keep the new baby!! -Mom, I like our baby, I want to keep him cute. Phoenix started unwrapping one of the Christmas presents under the tree yesterday. Detroit and I went to the store and Detroit wanted to pick out something for Christmas for Phoenix, since he already picked out something for Diesel and wrapped I let him pick out this little transformer for him. Well we brought it home and sure enough he didnt hide it so Phoenix saw it. So Phoenix started screaming for it, and I hid it, and he followed me, and he wasn't gonna stop. So I asked Detroit if he wanted to just let Phoenix have it now and pick him something else to wrap, or wrap it up now and put it under the tree. He said he wanted him to have it now, so I opened it and gave it to Phoenix, he was stoked! After he got over playing with it for a while, I think his little brain put two and two together, and he figured out that the stuff under the tree was probably similar to this cool toy he just scored, so thats when he started unwrapping. I told him no no, and he kept going, so I took it a away and gave him a bottle, and luckily it was time to go to bed, he hasn't unwrapped one since so we will see if he can hold out til Christmas!! Little punk, he sure is funny!
Anyway, back to the conversations with Diesel and Detroit. So I just put Diesel to bed, Detroit fell asleep pretty quick which is unheard of, usually the other way around, so I stayed up and talked to Diesel a little bit. He wanted to know if Detroit was near Washington. He wants to move to Washington because Curtis has been working there this past week. So I told him about cities and states and showed him that Detroit and Washington weren't close at all. He knows it snows a lot in Detroit so he wants to live close so he can be in snow in the winter. I told him it snows in Washington too, so I think he's ok moving there if its not close to Detroit.
Diesel- So when are we gonna move to Washington then
me- well, we aren't, Ill talk to dad about it if you want, but we can't move anywhere until your school gets out in June
Diesel- well, there's a girl Maddison in my class at school, she moved, she doesn't go to my school anymore cuz she moved to a new school and a new house, so we can move now
me- We can't just pack up the house in one night and move to a whole new house tomorrow Diesel, it takes time and planning, and we have to talk to Dad about it, I don't know if he wants to live in Washington, I don't know if Detroit does either.
Diesel- oh, well I wanna move to Washington
...Last night
me-whats wrong Diesel (hes grabbing his head and crying)
Diesel-I dont want to go to bed if Detroits not going to bed
me-Detroit took a nap, you chose not to, so you have to go to bed a little earlier than him
Diesel- Remember when...(I cant remember the story)
me- geez Diesel, how do you remember that, I even forgot about that
Diesel- (kind of annoyed) cuz Im smart, I remember every thing in my brain. I am so smart, Im the smartest
me- howd you get so smart, howd you get smarter than me
Diesel- cuz I just am, and my heads really big too cuz my brain is big think your head is big
Diesel- yeah, it is, I think its bigger than yours
me- Is it bigger than dads
Diesel- um, no, dad has a big head
me- how bout Detroit and Phoenix
Diesel- no their heads are little, and Abby's is really small cuz shes a baby
....Last night with Detroit
Detroit- I like school mom
me-why you like school so much
Detroit-cuz it has a lot of fun stuff
me-like what
Detroit-center, centers you get to do a lot of stuff, and I like our house, it has fun stuff too
me- really, you like both
Detroit- yeah I love my house and baby Phoenix and Abby and Daddy and Diesel and you, their my favorite
me- you are so cute dude (he was sitting straight up, facing me, with this big lit up face sitting indian style)
Theres so much more I am forgetting in this conversation, drives me nuts, maybe Ill add to it if I remember or we talk about it again. I swear I'm losing memory storage in my brain as I get older, sometimes I am such a space head too. Anyway, tonight we made pizza, the boys had fun spreading all the toppings on. I learned tonight a reason behind one of Detroits little picky eating things. So while we were making the pizza he and Diesel were eating the pepporoni...then we cook it and I serve it and Detroit stars picking off the pepperoni. I ask him why he is picking off the pepperoni if he likes it and was just eating it. He said "I don't like pepporoni hot" So not only is he picky with what kind of food he will eat, but the temperature of it as well! He's a funny kid, he can be such a punk, and such a sweetheart and then so dang stubborn and then so helpful and cute! He went thru a stage this past year where he used to just repeat this...I love you mom, I like you mom. me- I love you too and I like you too buddy. Detroit- I love you too mom, I like you too mom.
Also before I forget, today I was talking to the boys while I was cleaning, telling them they should help me out so that I have more time to play with them. So Diesel looks up at me and says, ok mom, Ill clean the whole house, let me do that...I was mopping cuz the tornado, aka Phoenix, spilled pineapple juice and it got sticky everywhere. So Diesel takes the mop and mops the whole downstairs floor, for a good 20 minutes. And he picked up toys and puzzle peices on his way. Then, he goes upstairs and makes the bed he and Detroit sleep in, better than I make it. Then he picked up the small playroom upstairs that Phoenix had destroyed yesterday. Then he goes downstairs and cleans his toybox up that Phoenix managed to sneak into and destroy sometime today...then he fed the dog. Sometimes, a lot of times, Diesel will do this kind of stuff and its so dang nice. He could just play with Detroit or sit there and finish his cartoon, but he helps out instead and I didn't really even ask. I didn't ask him to do anything specific, he just looked around and figured it out. So he's a little sweetheart.

I gotta go get some sleep


fREnCh TrOSt said...

Glad to see you are blogging again. We miss you and your cute boys! Happy Holidays!

Scott said...

been a while. love you sis. cute post.

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